8 Ways to Deal with Divorce Stress

There is no question that divorce is one of the top stressors that someone can deal with if it happens to them. The stress of a divorce can wreak havoc on the mind and the body – if you let it. Managing your stress is important, not only for the sake of your health but for the well being of your family and those involved. Knowing how to approach difficult situations and staying focused on what’s important can really help.

Take the Civil Road

Divorce opens up a lot of emotions and it has been known to bring out the worst in people. Just because your ex is rude or nasty doesn’t mean you have to return the treatment. Don’t allow yourself to get roped into the negativity or try to retaliate against a negative gesture. Instead, take the high road and remain civil. You may surprise yourself and your ex by your positive responses. For legal issues out of your control, let your attorney and the court handle them. You’ll find you’re a much more peaceful person if you practice restraint.

Check Your Emotions on the Regular

Your emotions are real and you need to be sure that they are acknowledged and remain healthy. Don’t ignore them or bury them deep inside. Hiding or ignoring your feelings can lead to bigger issues. Some people may turn to the dependence of drugs or alcohol to cope with their feelings, which is a dangerous way of dealing with raw emotions. Do a routine checkup of your emotions and ask yourself: how you are feeling? If you find yourself feeling down, try something to lift your spirits and remain positive.

Don’t Change Your Routine

It’s easy to get distracted while dealing with a divorce. You can easily get wrapped up in the negative emotions that prevent you from wanting to take care of routine tasks. Neglecting your routine can cause a disruption in your life, especially if you have kids. Kids thrive on routine and schedules, so stick to what you have always done to ensure stability for everyone – family dinners, soccer practice, movie night or church. It will also help you realize that despite whatever is going on right now, that things will get back to normal and that not everything in your life will have to change along with your marital status.

Keep Your Dreams and Goals Alive

Keep a journal to write down all your dreams and goals. You can set short-term goals like where you want to be in a few months, at the beginning of the following year, and five years down the road. Make them realistic and attainable so that you don’t get discouraged. Having something else to strive for can help you regain your focus and concentrate on creating a new life for yourself and kids.

If you already have goals that you were and have been working for since before your marriage and your impending divorce, do not let these aspirations out of sight. Keeping them close will keep you motivated and keep you moving forward with your life.

Be Self Aware

Acknowledging where you can make changes in your life allows you to move forward without dragging past issues and baggage along with you as you embark on new adventures and relationships. No one is perfect and there are always things we can do to make ourselves grow into better people. Holding onto the anger and resentment that you may feel towards your ex-partner or your current situation will only hold you back. In order to move on, grow as a person and develop new relationships with others (or sustain the ones you already have) you will need to leave those feelings behind – you do not need to give them any more attention than they deserve.

Let Go of Your Anger

Anger is one of the stronger emotions you could feel but allowing it to consume you or holding onto your anger will only destroy you over time. Don’t let resentment for your ex become your weakness or even your downfall. If you spend all your time trying to settle the score or get even with your ex for a failed marriage, you are leaving little time to work on yourself or building your own bright future, and you will ultimately end up failing yourself.

Keep a Positive Frame of Mind

Don’t let negative thoughts control your mind. Just because your marriage didn’t work out doesn’t you mean you are a failure or that positive things won’t happen for you in the future. Focus on all the good qualities you have and focus on what possibilities still await you.

Focus on Your Future

Do you want to be a divorce-success-story? Then don’t give up on your dreams. Just because the players in the game have changed, it doesn’t mean you have to let go of the dreams you had. If there is a vacation you planned to take, keep those plans alive. Envision where you want to be in the future and continue your drive to make it a reality. Resign to meet those goals. You can make it even more real by talk to your kids about all the great things you’re going to do together in the future and get them onboard with you!

6 Twitter Techniques for Law Firms

Social media has revolutionized the way businesses interact with the public, and even law firms need to develop an online presence to attract new clients. Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, so it helps to know how to use it to your advantage.

Make Conversation

Engagement is key when it comes to utilizing social media and its marketing powers. There is a Twitter trend where accounts will host conversations, usually under a single hashtag or using retweets. You can gather plenty of people together in a Twitter conversation, especially if you advertise it well. But what will you talk about? As a lawyer or a law firm, you can offer to answer general questions about your firm or even general law tips that people should know. Offering your followers the chance to interact and providing them with useful information can be great for your business.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags can attract new Twitter followers and help people find your law firm. Hashtags should say something about the firm or the type of law that you practice. Using hashtags will also make it easier to be located as a potential client searches related topics on Twitter.

Make a Public List

Twitter allows users to make both public and private lists. The lists are where users can share relevant information such as links to related sites and resources. Twitter lists can help filter out topics when a person is searching for them, too. Be sure to keep the list open to the public so the law firm can be found. If the list is private, the firm will have a harder time attracting new followers.

Jump onto Popular Hashtags

Trends like #FollowFriday on Twitter has become popular. Every Friday there are new recommendations for people to follow. If the law firm is able to recommend people they will often do the same in return. Do not recommend every person that is following the firm, however. This may cause Twitter to think that some of your posts a spam. Pick a select few groups that can provide people with useful information. Be sure to also provide reasons as to why people should follow these users or accounts.

Provide Free Resources

People love to get things for free. To attract attention to the law firm, the firm should give something away – but nothing too valuable of course. It can be something simple such as an online reference guide or link to an e-book. In order to receive this free thing, the user must follow the firm and provide a tweet for them first. Providing an incentive can get people to follow you and get them interested in the services that you offer as well.

Use Management Tools

Twitter has a number of different management tools to help your firm organize tweets and effectively manage time on the site. TweetDeck is one of the more popular tools used for this purpose. This will allow you to make columns and add features like highlighting highly regarded followers of yours, which can help to boost your online status and credibility. The tool Hootsuite can help you manage posts and schedule them if need be.

Social media is changing the way that people connect to others and businesses. In order to keep up with the times it is important for a law firm to have a strong presence on Twitter and elsewhere on the web, but it also helps to know how to use these platforms to their full potential, too.

5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Divorce Attorney

Senior businessman showing a document

Getting a divorce is a very personal affair. Marriages may fall apart or not work out for so many different reasons, but many people still see this event as a very private event that should only be discussed with close family and friends. While such an occurrence is surely a private one, there are many good reasons as you why you will want to hire a divorce lawyer or attorney.

You may be tempted to handle the separation between you and your soon to be ex-spouse using web resources and publicly accessible documents, but since marriage is also a legally binding contract it is best to have the expertise of a lawyer at your side. Even if you are mutually agreeing to get a separation or divorce, such delicate legal business should be handled with the care of a seasoned professional.

You’ll Get the Best Advice

Even if you do all the research and look into everything you think you have to study before getting a divorce, it still helps to get a lawyer who is devoted to this sort of situation. The more complicated your divorce, the more of a need you will have for a divorce lawyer, but even if you want a clean break from your spouse via mutual agreement in amnesty, you will still want the expert advice offered by a lawyer. Regardless of the nature of the marriage or the grounds for you divorce, you can benefit greatly from legal advice as you will still need to navigate the legal jargon associated with every step of this process.

You’ll Do Everything Right

With the right lawyer backing you, you can be sure that you will have filled out all of your paperwork accurately and that everything you need to consider has been taken care of. A divorce attorney will be well versed in every step of the separation and divorce process and will be able to make sure that everything has been done accurately and that nothing has gone overlooked.

Everything Will Be in on Time

With a lawyer present, you can be sure that the entire process will go smoothly and according to plan. Whether your divorce is messy or mutual, you are still subject to running into delays and making excuses as to why something was not filled out and handing in to the appropriate people. This can happen due to complications or simply because of a busy lifestyle, which is understandable in the wake of a divorce. Your lawyer can keep you on task and make sure that all deadlines are met.

You Can Avoid Misunderstandings

If you are not educated in law, or even the law associated with marriage and divorce specifically, it may be difficult to express to the court what it is that you are proposing in your divorce. Reallocating your property, dividing finances and even taking care of children that you have are all things that need to be stated clearly in your documentation. With a lawyer, you can be sure that every point of your divorce is explained without issue and that you get everything that you want out of the situation.

You Can Relax

Getting a divorce is one of the most stressful things that can happen to a person, and to an entire family. Having a lawyer on board can help relieve that stress by assuring you that the hard parts are taken care of and that you are on track and on schedule. Going through the motions of a divorce or separation is difficult enough, but knowing that you have a lawyer who knows all about how to navigate the process and is keeping track of your documents can take a huge burden of worry off your shoulders.